What’s the cost of Adwisely?

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Below is the info on prices and billing principles for Adwisely users who got started with the app after Jun 20, 2022. For the info on billing and pricing before Jun 20, 2022, check this article Legacy Billing Plans and billing section in Adwisely Account Settings.

Adwisely charges you a fixed monthly subscription fee based on the plan you picked. If you exceed the ad spend limit within your plan, you may also need to pay 10% ad overspend fee.

How much is Adwisely subscription fee?

Adwisely subscription fee is what you pay us for running and optimizing ads for your store.

You can choose a monthly plan:

How does Adwisely billing work?

  • You pay Adwisely subscription fee in the beginning of every billing period based on the plan you selected. You can change your Adwisely plan via Account Settings -> Billing

  • The billing period for Adwisely is 30 days. Up-to-date information on billing periods can be found In Adwisely Account Settings.

  • You start paying the fee once the 7-day free trial for Adwisely is over.

  • You will pay 10% ad overspend fee on all the ad spend above the limit of Adwisely plan you choose. You pay the additional fee on the 4th day of the following billing period.

If you picked a monthly Standard plan, your monthly ad spend limit is $3,000.

If you spend $2,500 on Adwisely-powered ads with a billing period, you stay within your limit, so you only have to pay the plan fee of $249.

If you spend $4,500 on Adwisely-powered ads with a billing period, you will need to pay a plan fee ($249) and 10% ad overspend fee, i.e. ($4,500-$3,000)*10%. Your total fee for the billing period will be $249+($1,500*10%)=$399

  • The total Adwisely fee is based on total Google & Facebook Ad Spend per one store.

  • If you use Adwisely on more than one store you manage, Adwisely fee is calculated for each store separately.

Do I need to pay for Ad Spend?

Yes. You pay for Ad Spend directly to Facebook and/or Google.

  • You pay to Facebook and/or Google once you spend a certain amount of money (threshold) or in the end of the month.

  • You pay for Ad Spend even if you are on a 7-day free trial for Adwisely

Can I try Adwisely for free?

You can try Adwisely for free for 7 days once you install it.

  • Free trial suggests using Adwisely free of charge, i.e. not having to pay Adwisely fee. You will still need to pay for Ad Spend.

  • The trial begins the moment you click a “Start free trial” button inside the app

  • The trial ends 7 days after you click the “Start free trial” button

  • You have one trial period per one Shopify / BigCommerce / WooCommerce domain.

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