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When do I adjust my daily budget?
When do I adjust my daily budget?

Get to know when it's necessary to adjust your campaign budget to keep it successful

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Why do I need to adjust the daily budget?

The key to ad efficiency is reaching as many people as possible As your visitor base grows, your current daily budget may be not enough to cover all your potential customers, so you may need to invest more in the ads to get better returns and more sales.

When do I need to adjust the budget?

The guidelines for budget increase are fairly simple:ย 

  • you need to consistently spend your whole daily budget

  • returns on your advertising spend need to be at least three times bigger than what you invested.

Make sure that you increase your daily budget by no more than 20% a week.

For example, if you set the daily budget of $100/day, you consistently spend $100 every day for a week, and get at least $300 a day in sales brought by Adwisely-powered ads, it will be a good idea to increase your daily budget by $20.

What if I increase my budget by too much or too often?

Every time you adjust your budget, the campaign needs to optimize. If you increase the budget by too much, the campaign optimisation period will become longer, and the results will drop.

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