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How do I write the best ad text?
How do I write the best ad text?

Learn what the components of the good ad message are and check out what needs to be omitted at all cost.

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Your ad text is more than just a couple of lines about your store — it’s a powerful tool that urges more users to click on your ads, and, as a result, brings you more sales. What’s more, a poorly written ad copy can ruin your campaign and even cause you some trouble if it doesn’t comply with Meta Advertising Standards.

Here are some tips for writing a great ad text that makes people click on the ad — you can copy the examples and use them

Make the message short, appealing, and, if possible, humorous

  • Christmas sale is here. Come choose great presents for your friends and family!

  • Looking for something? Come check out our new products!

  • Haven’t seen you for a while. Ready to make a purchase yet?

  • There’s never a bad time to buy yourself a new watch 

  • Making you happy is our first priority! Quality products for low price – just for you

Use dynamic product tags and emoji:

  • Buy {{}} for only {{product.price}}. Hurry while supplies last! 

  • Recently you checked out {{}}. Come see what else we’ve got!

  • We’ve still got one {{}} just for you! Get it before it’s sold out!

  • 👋 Hey there! It’s our birthday! 🎉 But you are the one getting presents 🎁 Buy any sweater and get another one free 👍

  • Great products for cat lovers 😸  Shop meow!

Include questions to the user. Don’t forget about a call to action, e.g. Check it out! Shop Now! Hurry up! Come back! etc.

  • Have you heard about our seasonal sale?

  • Need great deals on car parts? Look no further!

  • We’ve got a new collection! Check it out! 

  • Winter sale ends tomorrow. Hurry up!

Stay relevant. Make your ad message about your products, not some general notions and ideas

  • Comfortable shoes 👠 and boots 👢 for every day 💃 🕺.

  • Feeling hungry? Order your dinner from us!

Include up-to-date information about special deals, sales, promos, gift packaging or free delivery

  • Up to 50% discount on all full dresses — only in November!

  • It’s Christmas time! Save your money with our “Buy 2 — get 1 free” special offer. (this is good for November and December)

  • Free international shipping on all orders over $100. Offer valid through December, 31st

  • You buy it – we wrap it. Free gift wrapping for all orders – enter FGW at checkout.

Set up a promo code for a small discount (5-10%) to engage the users

  • Psst! Get a smashing 10% off your next purchase – just enter  10OFF at checkout!

  • You are just one step away from saving on your favorite T-shirts! Use promo code 1STEP


⚠️ Few things you should keep in mind when you are creating an ad message:

  • Do not promote sale or use of any prohibited products in your ad message.

  • Do not write an ad message longer than 500 characters - if you do, it will be partly hidden.

  • Do not use words like Meta, FB, Facebook, FBOOK etc.

  • Do not overuse CAPITAL LETTERS or GiMmIcKy tExT.

  • Do not use bad grammar and profanity (No “bad words” :)

  • Do not give reasons for unrealistic expectations or make promises of quick results

  • Do not get too personal or rude

Don’t just stop on one option. Come up with a few ad messages, change them from time to time to see, which one is more effective. 

If you need ad message suggestions, you can always ask us for them - just click on the green circle in the bottom right corner of the page and message us!

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