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Understand your campaign results
Learn how Adwisely tracks and reports your campaign results
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Where do the stats on the dashboard come from?

The results you see on your Adwisely dashboard are taken directly from Facebook. All the data is tracked by a Meta Pixel on your website. You can filter the stats on the dashboard by preset date ranges.

Note: Adwisely dashboard shows you total stats of all campaigns (e.g. Prospecting and Retargeting) powered by Adwisely.

What stats are shown on Adwisely dashboard?

All the metrics on the dashboard refer to Adwisely-powered ads:

  • Ad Spend tells you, how much you’ve spent on ads.

  • Number of Purchases shows, how many products you sold after your customers interacted with an ad.

  • To learn the total cost of all the purchases that happened due to the ads, see Purchases Value.

  • Return on Ad Spend shows you how efficient your campaign is - it’s the ratio of Purchases Value to Ad Spend.

  • Cost Per Purchase explains, how much, on average, each purchase cost you.

How do I see what exactly was purchased?

For more detailed insights on your campaign results, please, go to the Ad Account created by Adwisely. There you can make a breakdown by Product and Date to see, which product(s) in your Adwisely-powered ads got clicked on and resulted in a purchase. Learn more about creating custom reports in your own Ads Manager here.

Can I track results of my Retargeting campaign in Google Analytics or my store admin?

No, it won’t be effective. Note that Facebook uses tracking methods that are slightly different from those used by Google or Google-based tracking systems like the one in your store admin. This is why Facebook report won’t always 100% coincide with what you see in your store or the data on Google Analytics. This happens for a few reasons, including using different domains, different protocol types, and cross-device experiences. You can learn more about the possible reason for differences in reporting from this Facebook article.

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