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What can’t I advertise through Adwisely?
What can’t I advertise through Adwisely?
Learn about products which you cannot promote in Adwisely-powered ads
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We at Adwisely try our best to keep up the high standards set by Facebook and respect the limitations they set in their Advertising Policy in order to keep their community safe, happy and undiscriminated. This is why we cannot run a campaign for you if you sell products that fall under one of the following categories:

  • Tobacco, smoking-related paraphernalia and any products that depict or promote smoking, including vaporizers and e-cigarettes.

  • Drugs and unsafe supplements, drug-related paraphernalia and any products that depict or promote use, sale and/or production of drugs. This is equally true for illegal, recreational and prescription drugs. 

  • Weapons of any kind - including, but not limited to knives (with the exception of kitchen knives), swords, axes, knuckle dusters, guns, and ammo - as well as any products that depict or promote use of weapons, even if it’s a toy, part of a tool or a collectible.

  • Any products that actively discriminate against a certain group of people or heavily imply to personal attributes/health of a person. 

  • Any products related to controversial political and social issues, such as elections, wars, and revolutions.

  • Any products that have profane words and gestures or bad grammar on them, in their name or their description - even if they are camouflaged by symbols.

  • Multi-level marketing offers, payday loan offers or “work from home” offers.

If you want to run a campaign with Adwisely, please, make sure that all the above-mentioned products are removed from your Facebook business page and website landing page. You’d also need to send us a request to get these products removed from your retargeting campaign catalog. 

Note: Any attempt to bypass the checkup from Facebook, including restricting Facebook's access to ad's destination page or using Unicode characters to obfuscate words or phrases, can result in getting your Ad Account with Adwisely temporarily disabled.

If you decide to run the campaign anyway and it somehow gets approved, please, note that your campaign can get disapproved at any time. Learn what to do if your ad is disapproved or your ad account is disabled.

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