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What if I have just recently opened my website?
What if I have just recently opened my website?
Learn if retargeting is a good idea for a newly opened store
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When you start a brand new website, retargeting may not be on the list of your priorities - mainly because you are focused on selecting the right products, choosing the right design, and of course, attracting visitors to your store. A retargeting campaign will not work without sufficient traffic.

This is why Adwisely will only let you create a campaign if you:

  • have completed free trial on Shopify and selected a paid plan;

  • have at least one product eligible for advertising and available on a separate product page;

  • have at least 100 online store sessions in your store every day. It is also important that people who come to your website view at least 1 product.

If your online store had 100+ daily visitors in the past 7 days, but the app won't let you proceed with the ad setup, please, send us a screenshot from your online store analytics via email ( or to the in-app chat to continue.

To get better results, you need to constantly work on increasing the volume of your website audience. You can find some useful tips in this guide

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