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Check out the info on the old billing plans for Adwisely

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Below is the info on prices and billing principles for Adwisely users who got started with the app before Jun 20, 2022.

Adwisely Fee Structure

Adwisely charges you a fee based on your ad spends during the billing period. If you use both Google and Meta Ads, your ad spends from each platform are summarized. Depending on the ad spend value, your fee can fall into the following ranges:

Ad Spends

Adwisely Fee



















How does Adwisely billing work?

  • You pay the Adwisely fee each time you reach the limit of the new spend range during your billing period. When the new billing period starts, you will begin with the lowest fee again.

  • The billing period for Adwisely is 30 days. Up-to-date information on billing periods can be found In Adwisely Account Settings.

You start with Adwisely and pay $49 upfront.

  • If you spend up to $1k by the end of the billing period, this sum remains your only payment to Adwisely.

  • If you exceed the $1k threshold and move to the next spend range during the billing period, you will pay an additional $200 ($249-$49, where $249 is the fee for the current spend range, and $49 is already paid).

  • The same principle applies to subsequent spend ranges: each time you reach the limit of the next spend range, you will pay the difference between its fee and the already paid sum. So at the end of the billing period, you will pay exactly the fee of the spend range qualified by your ad spends.

  • The total Adwisely fee is based on total Google & Facebook Ad Spend per one store.

  • If you use Adwisely on more than one store you manage, Adwisely fee is calculated for each store separately.

Do I need to pay for Ad Spend?

Yes. You pay for Ad Spend directly to Facebook and/or Google.

  • You pay to Facebook and/or Google once you spend a certain amount of money (threshold) or in the end of the month.

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