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How to share my assets with Adwisely?
How to share my assets with Adwisely?
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To ensure transparency and let you access your ad results 24/7, Adwisely creates all campaigns inside your own Business Manager.

To be able to review and optimize your ad performance, we need to ask you to share a number of assets with us - you can do so by completing the checklist inside the app or following a step-by-step guide in this article.

Sharing assets via Business manager: step-by-step guide

Once you complete your first campaign setup with Adwisely, you will need to:

Step 1. Go to Business Settings of Meta Business Manager

Note: If you have access to more than one Business Manager, pick the one you have connected to Adwisely during the ad setup

Step 2. On the menu on the right, pick Users -> Partners

Step 3. On the Partner list that appears, click on Adwisely.

Step 4. Under Assets you shared, click Share assets

Step 5. Share the following assets with Adwisely:


Access type

Pages → Classic Pages → Your Facebook page

Partial access → Ads

Ad accounts → Your ad account

Partial access → Manage campaigns

Catalogs → Your catalog

Full control → Manage catalog

👆 Please share access to both Meta Catalogues

1. Created by Adwisely (name contains "Adwisely")
2. Created by Shopify (used for Facebook Shop)

Pixels → Your pixel

Full control → Manage pixel

Note: Got more than one asset of each kind? Pick those that are connected to the store you got Adwisely for

Step 6. Click Save changes once you are done.

Sharing assets via checklist

Once you complete your first campaign setup, you will see a checklist appear on top of the Home page and / or Adwisely dashboard. You can use it to get detailed instructions on how to share or set up a certain ad asset:

Once you click "Start" on any uncompleted line on the list, you will see a pop-up window with detailed instructions:

Once you do everything specified in the instructions, please, check the box next to "I have..." line - this will change the line status to On review. Within 24 hours we will check if everything is okay with the asset you shared and either make the step Complete or message you.

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