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How to connect my domain to Adwisely Merchant Center
How to connect my domain to Adwisely Merchant Center
Learn more about Adwisely claiming your online store domain name in Google Merchant Center
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To run automated Google Ads for your business, Adwisely needs to claim your online store URL in Google Merchant Center. We’ve prepared brief answers that explain why this step is required and what it gives you.

Why does Adwisely claim my online store URL?

Our main objective at Adwisely is to provide you with the most straightforward and efficient ad automation. That is why we manage all your Adwisely-powered ads on our end and contact you only in certain cases.

To make sure Adwisely provides you the service you came for, we need to claim your online store domain. This step is required by Google as a domain can be connected to only one Merchant Center. That is why Adwisely needs to claim your online store URL to run campaigns on your behalf.

Once you grant access to your domain, we will be able to create, update, and optimize your Adwisely-powered ads on Google.

How do I claim my online store URL with Adwisely-powered Merchant Center?

Granting Adwisely access to your domain is as simple as that. Our team will take care of the whole procedure — you just need to click the Accept button when connecting your Google Ads with the software.

Pay attention that if you have any active ads, they will be paused once you click the Accept button.

What if I decide to unclaim my domain name?

In case one day you decide to stop using the Adwisely-powered ads, you just need to inform the Adwisely’s Customer Support team about your decision, and we’ll unclaim your domain name. This normally takes about one hour.

Also, you’re always in control of your online store URL and can disconnect it from Adwisely at any moment.

If you unclaim your domain name and later decide to run Google Ads with Adwisely again, you will need to follow the same procedure of granting Adwisely access to your domain name in the Google Merchant Center.

For more information, be sure to contact our Customer Support Center — we are happy to answer even the most unconventional questions. Click on the green chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page and message us! 🤗 💚

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