How do I prepare for iOS 14 update?
Learn what to do to make sure that your ads are working properly after the upcoming iOS 14 update
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What is the update and why should I care?

With the latest update to its mobile OS, Apple will require that apps in the App Store show a prompt to iOS 14 users in accordance with their App Tracking Transparency framework.

Among other things, this means that businesses running Facebook campaigns for iOS 14 users will be affected by limitations on data sharing. This also refers to all the campaigns you are running on your own or with Adwisely.

In response to the iOS 14 update, Facebook is introducing a few important changes in which its ad tools work, such as the necessity to verify your store domain and prioritize the events your Meta Pixel (previously known as Facebook Pixel) tracks. The changes are aimed at providing you with better advertising experience under the new conditions.

What happens after the update?

If you do not make the changes recommended by Facebook, you may see your campaigns underperform or stop delivering completely.

When the update rolls out, you may also expect the drop in your ad audience, lower ROAS, fewer conversions shown in reports and a delay (up to 48 hours) in the data reporting - both on Facebook Ads Manager and on Adwisely dashboard.

What do I do to prepare for iOS update?

Step 1. Verify your domain

Why do I need to do that?

If you don't verify your domain, you won't be able to manage your Meta Pixel events, which can prevent you from running efficient advertising campaigns on Facebook.

How do I do that?

Note: all the actions need to be performed in your own Business Manager, not in the one Adwisely created for you. Not sure which Business Manager to pick? Message us!

  1. In Facebook Business Manager, click on the Business Settings button in the upper right corner.

  2. In the Business Settings, select the Brand Safety tab, and select Domains from the left side navigation list.

  3. Click on the Add button, and enter your domain in the Add a Domain pop-up dialog.

  4. If you have more than one domain listed, select the domain for which you desire to confirm ownership.

  5. Choose the method you wish to use to verify your domain and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can find a detailed instruction here.

How many domains can I verify inside one Business Manager?

Currently, there is no information about the limit of domains per one Business Manager.

Can I verify one domain in 2 different Business Managers?

No, but domains can be shared between Business Managers if necessary.

What if I cannot verify my domain?

If you experience any problems while verifying your domain, message us via email ( or in-app chat - we will be happy to help.

Step 2. Prioritize Meta Pixel events

Why do I need to do that?

For each domain you verify in your Business Manager, you can track up to 8 events with your Meta Pixel. You can also set the priority in which the events are tracked and reported.

Facebook chooses and prioritizes the Pixel events by default.

How do I do that?

  1. Click the pixel you want to use.

  2. Under Aggregated Event Measurement, select Edit Events.

  3. Read through the introduction screens and click Next.

  4. Find the domain you want to configure events for.

  5. Click Verify Domain. If you’ve already verified your domain, you can skip to the next step.

  6. Click Edit Events. Keep in mind that you can configure 8 conversion events at most.

  7. Select your pixel or custom conversion under Pixel / Custom Conversion.

  8. Choose the event you want to configure under Event Name.

  9. Drag and drop your events from highest priority at the top, to lowest priority at the bottom. Put Purchase event as the highest priority, i.e. to the top of the list., then set Add to Cart even as the second highest priority and View Content as the third.

Once you are done, click Finish, then Confirm. You can find a detailed instruction here.

What if I can't prioritize my Meta Pixel events?

If you experience any problems while setting the priority of Meta Pixel events, message us via email ( or in-app chat - we will be happy to help.

Step 3. Share your Pixel with Adwisely

Why do I need to do that?

Due to tracking-related changes in the upcoming Apple iOS 14.5 update, Facebook will now allow using only 1 Meta Pixel per online store domain. This means that all your online store ads that use any other pixels - including the ads powered by Adwisely - can stop running once the updates are released. We don't want to let this happen, so we are now testing alternative ways in which we can keep bringing sales to your store. To keep using Adwisely, you need to share your Meta Pixel with us at your earliest convenience. Once you do so, we can add your Pixel to all Adwisely-powered campaigns and keep running highly efficient ads for you.

Note: When you share the Meta Pixel, you will still have full control over it.

How do I do that?

2. In the menu on the left, pick Business Settings

3. Under Data Sources on the left, pick Pixels

4. Click on the Meta Pixel that you have installed on your store and click "Assign Partners"

5. A window titled "Share This Pixel With a Partner" will pop up. Here you will need to enter Adwisely business ID.

To get the Business ID, please, message Adwisely support - you can do so by clicking on the green circle in the bottom right corner of this page or by emailing us at

6. Click on the toggle next to Manage Pixel line. This will enable Adwisely to create audiences to advertise your products to. Click Next

7. In a window that appears, select "Adwisely acts as an agency for my business" and click Next

8. Review the bullet points on the screen that appears and click I Accept

9. On the next screen, click Done

That's it - the request to share your Pixel is now sent. Once it's accepted, you will get a notification on Facebook.

Important notes

  • You cannot send any partnership requests from your Facebook Business Manager if it was created less than 14 days ago.

  • You cannot share your Meta Pixel if it was created less than 3 days ago.

  • You should only share the Meta Pixel if you properly prioritized events for it (see Step 2 of this instruction).

  • You should only share the Meta Pixel that is already installed on the online store you are getting Adwisely for.

  • Remember that you cannot have more than one Meta Pixel per one domain you verified during Step 1 of this instruction. Please, do not create different Meta Pixels for different campaigns.

Please, share the Meta Pixel as soon as possible to ensure the continuous run of your Adwisely-powered ads. If you have any questions or need help with the procedure, let us know - our Support specialists will be happy to help

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