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Adwisely is a platform with a very simple mission: we want to make online ads easy and efficient. Adwisely helps you attract new customers, re-engage them and increase average order value on two world’s largest advertising platforms - Google and Facebook.

How do I get Adwisely for my store powered by Shopify?

Before you begin, please, make sure that:

  • you have a store powered by Shopify

  • you have finished designing your store and it has at least 1 product

  • you are an Admin of at least one active Facebook page

  • you are ready to get more customers and more sales

Here's how you install Adwisely:

Step 1. Get Adwisely

Alternatively, you can go to Adwisely website and click "Get started"

  • Review the permissions you are giving to Adwisely and click "Install app"

Step 2. Log in with Facebook

  • Review and accept our Privacy Policy and click "Continue with Facebook".

  • Click "Continue as..."

  • Click “OK”

This will help us know who you are, make your Adwisely account secure. This will also show us what Facebook pages you are managing - we will need them during the next steps

Step 3. Choose a Facebook page.

  • Choose a Facebook page you want to appear in your Adwisely-powered ads from a drop-down menu.

If you are not an Admin of an active Facebook page, you can create one.

Step 4. Accept the invitation to Business Manager

Adwisely creates a brand new Business Manager exclusively for your ads. To make sure you have 24/7 access to it, please:

  • Accept an invitation to a Business Manager. To do this, click "Accept invitation”. Do not close this tab.

  • A new tab will open. On it, you will need to enter your name, review the details of your newly created Business Manager and confirm your Facebook password.

Facebook requires additional verification at this step to make sure that only you - and people you trust - have access to your Business Manager. You will only need to accept the invitation once - if you are managing more than one store and you get Adwisely for each of them, this step will be skipped for all the other stores.

  • Once you are done, you can close the tab with Business Manager and return to the tab with Adwisely.

  • Click "Next"

Step 5. Make sure your domain is verified

Since Adwisely can only run Facebook ads for verified online store domains, you will need to:

  • Go to Domains in your personal Facebook Business Manager and see if there’s a green “Verified“ status next to the URL of the store you are getting Adwisely for.

If the domain is not verified, click “Add” and follow the on-screen instructions. Learn more

  • Go back to Adwisely. Check the box that says “I made sure my store domain is verified” and click “Continue”

Step 6. Share your Meta Pixel with Adwisely

Adwisely uses your Meta Pixel (previously known as Facebook Pixel) to run and optimize ads for your store. Do the following to share your Pixel with Adwisely:

  • Go to Events Manager. Choose your Pixel and make sure that Purchase event is set as the highest priority

  • Go to Pixels. Click “Assign Partners” and paste 1416106945361739 under Partner ID.

Be sure to provide Full Control for management pixel

  • Go back to Adwisely. Check the box that says “I set Purchase event on my Pixel as the highest priority and shared it with Adwisely” and click “Continue”

Sharing your Pixel with Adwisely it’s 100% secure and you will still have full control over your Pixel.

Step 7. Set up Retargeting on Facebook

The first campaign you run with Adwisely is Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram. To set it up, you’ll need to:

  • Set the daily budget.

We recommend to start at at least $20-$30/day

  • Review or change ad message. Use tips from this article if necessary.

  • Check out your ad preview.

  • If everything looks good and you are happy with the ad preview, click "Continue"

Step 8. Review Payment info

Since Adwisely fee is included in your Shopify charge, accept the charge from Adwisely.

  • Click "Approve charge", and, on the next screen, "Approve charge"

You pay for ads directly to Facebook, so you will need to add a Payment method to the ad account inside your newly created Business Manager.

  • Click "Add payment method". on the screen that appears, enter the payment method details.

  • Click "Start free trial now"

That's it! Your free 14-day free trial has started. Once your campaign is active, you will receive an email.

Be sure not to make any edits to the ad settings - if you feel that something needs to be changed, contact Support via the in-app chat. Do not - at any point - edit your Adwisely-powered ads in Ads Manager - all the changes you make will be reverted.

Got questions or need help? Click on the green chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page and message us!

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