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Learn how to run a limited-time promotion on BFCM or any other special occasion to a broad audience of people interested in your products
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To maximize your sales during special occasions like Singles' Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas, you can run a Special Offer campaign - a short-term promo for a broad audience of people who have previously expressed interest in your products.

Why Special Offer?

Special Offer campaign is a great way to reach a broad audience of customers who have viewed and/or added your products to cart before and will be willing to buy from you on a special occasion, be it the BFCM shopping spree or a week before St. Valentine's day. Special Offer ads are shown to people who added a product to cart up to 180 days ago and/or viewed a product in your store up to 30 days ago.

Just like Standard Retargeting, it will feature all the products from your store.

Note that Special Offer campaign works best if:

  • it lasts a few days only. There's no definite time frame, but the efficiency of Special Offer ad will eventually drop. Be sure to monitor the campaign ROAS and turn it off once you see a considerable decline in performance.

  • you don't use it too often. While you don't need to wait for an actual holiday to run a Special Offer, running them too often will have your audience annoyed more than interested.

  • your Standard Retargeting campaign is paused. Since the audience of Retargeting ads is a part of the Special Offer audience, your ads will compete with each other and significantly drive up the Ad Spend. Consider pausing Retargeting when your Special Offer campaign is active.

  • you increased your Prospecting campaign budget 5-7 days prior to campaign launch. The more new people come to your store, the more of them will see your Special Offer and end up buying from you.

  • your store contains easily accessible information about the promo - banners, popup windows, product image overlays etc. This way people who click on your ads will see that you, indeed, are running a limited-time special promo.

  • you set up it up 3-5 days early. During major sales, a review of your ad by Facebook can take up to 72 hours, so, if you don't want to miss out, set the Special offer campaign up early and pause it until you actually need it.

  • you don't edit it while it's active. Changes to the ad message could send the ad back into review, which, as you already know, can take up 3 days during the busy sales periods.

How do I start a Special Offer Campaign?

Note: If you don't see the banner banner with "Set up Special Offer" button, message your personal Advertising Manager at Adwisely or send us an email at help@adwisely.com.

If you go to Adwisely dashboard and see a banner inviting you to run a Special Offer campaign (like the one on the picture above), you will need to:

  1. Click "Set up Special Offer"

  2. Review the ad message and daily budget

  3. If you are happy with the preview, click "Next"

You will then be directed to Adwisely dashboard. If you are creating the Special Offer in advance and don't need it for now, pause it for now.

Get questions or need help with the setup? Don't hesitate to message us via the in-app chat!

What Ad message should I use for Special Offer ads?

Just like the campaign suggests, the ad text should contain an offer your customers simply cannot miss out on. What's more, it should be an offer that is not featured in your regular Prospecting and Retargeting ads. Here are just some offer ideas and ad message examples:

  • A major discount: πŸŽƒ Look spooktacular this October! Enter BOO at checkout and get 30% off Adult costume collection πŸ‘»

  • Free shipping: This weekend only 🀩 Buy 3 or more pairs of leather shoes and get FREE SHIPPING πŸ™€

  • "Buy X - Get 1 free" offer: πŸŽ„ Our Christmas ornaments are so good you will want to share them πŸ”” Buy any set of glass baubles and get another one FREE. Offer valid till 11/30.

  • A large discount coupon for the next purchase: We hope you like your 18K gold necklace. If you feel like getting a matching ring πŸ’ or two, use a coupon code SHINE at checkout and we’ll pay your shipping πŸ’Ž

  • Next-day shipping / Express delivery: Last-minute shopping? 😲 No worries, we offer next day shipping 🀩 Your 3-Towel set will arrive just in time

Once you set the message and the Special Offer campaign is active, try to avoid editing the message.

Please, do not apply changes to the campaign directly in Ads Manager - we need to make sure your campaign works properly, and therefore have to be aware of all the changes made to it.

What daily budget do I set for Special Offer ads?

Since your Special Offer ads will be shown to a significantly larger audience, be sure to set the budget that is at least 2x-3x bigger than your regular Retargeting budget.

Where do I view the Special Offer results?

To view the results of the Special Offer campaign, select it on Adwisely dashboard.

Just like with your standard campaign, you can find all the detailed insights inside your Adwisely-powered ad account. All you need to do is go to your ad account and pick a proper ad set. This article will tell you more on how to make and export a comprehensive report on your campaign performance.

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