Adwisely is an app with a very simple mission: we want to make retargeting easy and efficient. Adwisely helps you re-engage your website visitors who didn’t make a purchase upon their first visit with Dynamic Product Ads.

What does Adwisely do?

Once you install the app and run a campaign, here’s what happens:

  1. A user comes to your website

  2. This user views at least one product and maybe even adds it to cart (viewing will be more than enough, though)

  3. The user then leaves the website without buying anything

  4. Then the user decides to check his/her Facebook Newsfeed on a desktop or mobile device. There he/she will see an ad with a product which he/she previously viewed on your website, accompanied by up to 10 similar products your website offers.

  5. The user is thus urged to click on the ad (which will take him/her right to the product page on your website) and has a chance to complete the purchase.

How do I get Adwisely for my store powered by WooCommerce?

Before you begin, please, make sure that:

  • you have a store powered by WooCommerce

  • you have finished designing your store and it has at least 1 product

  • your store has at least 100 daily visitors

  • you are an Admin of at least one active Facebook page

  • you are ready to get more customers and more sales

To get started, you need to:

  1. Click “Free Download”. Log in with WordPress if necessary

  2. Once the plugin is installed, activate the plugin by clicking the Activate button.

  3. You will now see a notification with a button Connect to Adwisely. Click on it to proceed.

  4. Log in with Facebook and connect a Facebook page you want to use in ads

  5. Accept the invitation to the Business Manager

  6. Set the daily budget and review ad message

  7. Submit your campaign for approval. That’s it!

Got questions or need help? Click on the green chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page and message us!

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