The success of your advertising campaign on Facebook directly depends on how happy your customers are.

People who see your ads and buy from your store, later fill out a short review form. Based on the reviews, Facebook forms your Customer Feedback score.

What is Customer feedback score?

Customer feedback score is the rating from 0 to 5 (where 0 is Very Bad and 5 is Very Good) given to your Facebook Business Page. It shows how satisfied your customers are with the quality of your products and delivery time.

You can check your current Customer feedback score here.

How does Customer feedback score influence my ad delivery?

If your Customer feedback score hits 3 or lower, you will receive an email and Facebook notification. No penalties will be applied at this point.

If the score of your Page is anywhere from 1 to 2, any ads that run on behalf of this page will get a delivery penalty, i.e. the ads will cost you more and will be shown to fewer people.

If the score is lower than 1, the ad delivery will stop completely.

How do I improve my Customer feedback score?

You need to check your Customer feedback score at least once a week. To keep it positive, please:

  • make sure that your product images and descriptions are honest and clear

  • indicate estimated shipping time

  • ensure the high quality of the products you sell

  • promptly reply to customers’ messages

  • follow your store’s refund and return policy

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