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Why do I need to have at least 100 daily visitors?
Why do I need to have at least 100 daily visitors?
Learn why Adwisely can work effectively only if you have 100+ people coming to your website every day
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You cannot run a successful retargeting campaign if your daily website visitors count is under 100 because retargeting ads are shown to those who viewed at least one product on a separate product page on your website and then checked their social media newsfeeds. If very few people check out products on your website, there’s most likely no one to show your ads to.

What do I do if I have less than 100 daily visitors?

You need to get more people to come to your website. You can get a handful of useful tips from this guide.

We encourage you to keep your retargeting campaign active as you work on getting more traffic to make sure that it tracks the sufficient audience as early as possible.

Note that you will only start to be charged by the app once your 14-day free trial is over. As you may know, the trial begins once you set up a campaign on either Facebook or Google and click on “Start free trial” button inside the app.

Got questions? Contact Support by clicking on the green circle in the bottom right corner of the screen — we are always happy to help.

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