Adwisely helps you establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers by automating a Cross-Sell campaign based on your store orders history. If your website visitors buy something from you, they will see ads featuring complementary products from your website. 

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Why Cross-Sell?

Cross-Sell allows you to foster customer loyalty by providing highly relevant product recommendations. On average, 40% of store revenue is generated from repeat purchases. 

How do I start a Cross-Sell campaign?

Cross-Sell campaign can be run if there are at least 2 collections on your website and there are at least 5 products in each of the collections.

To learn if a Cross-Sell campaign can be launched for your website, Adwisely analyzes your website order history. If the app determines that you can benefit from a Cross-Sell campaign, you will see a notification on Adwisely dashboard.

Note: a Cross-Sell is launched for specific collections on your website. For example, it can promote skirts to people who bought tops from you if the app determines that tops and skirts are frequently bought together.

Who will see Cross-Sell ads? 

Cross-Sell ads are shown to people who purchased at least one product on your website in the course of the past 30 days.

Cross-Sell ads will appear on all the placements currently offered by Adwisely.

What Ad message should I use?

The ad message for Cross-Sell campaign should emphasize the fact that your customer has previously bought something from you. It is important not to use dynamic tags in ad messages for this campaign type as you are promoting a category rather than a product. Here are some examples:

  • Just thought you may want to check these awesome Hats since you recently bought one of our T-shirts 😀

  • Complete your look with these cool Jeans picked just for you 😉

  • If you were looking for a reason to treat yourself, it’s here 😍 Check out our hot deals on Bracelets

When you are coming up with an ad message, be sure to follow the ad message creation guidelines

What daily budget do I set for Cross-Sell?

Currently, Cross-Sell campaign works within the budget you've set for Retargeting, so there's no need to invest extra money. 

Just like with any other Adwisely-powered campaign, you need to know when to adjust your daily budget. 

Where do I view the Cross-Sell results?

Results of the Cross-Sell campaign are included into the total results shown on your Adwisely dashboard. 

You can find all the detailed insights inside your Adwisely-powered ad account. All you need to do is go to your ad account and pick a proper ad set. This article will tell you more about how to make and export a comprehensive report on your campaign performance.

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