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When your campaign has been active for more than 14 days, you can already see its first results. If it seems to underperform, there are several things you can do to make your campaign do better. 

Note: You will also be getting various informative emails from our team on how to enhance the results. 

1. Make sure that there are enough visitors on your website

Certain advertising tactics don’t work without sufficient website traffic. 

The logic behind this is simple: if no one visits your online store, there’s no one to be reminded of your products. That’s why you need to know the size of your website audience.

For this, on the Overview dashboard of your online store, go to Analytics and check the Online store sessions. If there are fewer than 100 online store visitors per day, you need to increase your website visitor count to run retargeting. 

Tips on how to increase website traffic:

Contact us to learn how Adwisely can help you with this by clicking a green circle in the bottom right corner!

2. Check if your daily budget is sufficient

A desire to save money is natural and logical. However, when it comes to advertising, spending less than needed will hurt your business. That’s why you do need to know why and how to adjust the daily budget of your campaign.

Tips on adjusting the daily budget:

  • Consider applying the daily budget suggested by Adwisely. The app automatically calculates it according to the stats of your online store.

  • Contact the Adwisely team to get more detailed advice on changing your daily budget.

  • Review your daily budget every 7 days to see the results and understand if any adjustments are necessary.

3. See if your ad message is doing its job

When creating a campaign, Adwisely offers its users a default ad message – you can either use it or set your own ad message. Make sure that the ad messages you use don’t ruin the impression of your online store. Poorly written ad messages can significantly increase the cost of your ads. They can even get the ad disapproved by Facebook. 

Tips on writing efficient ad messages:

  • Write a few versions of an ad message using these recommendations

  • Change your ad message at least once every 14 days to keep your ads relevant. 

  • Keep your ad message short (up to 90 characters) and decent. 

4. Double-check your website

You may sometimes get so caught up in looking for a perfect product that you never take time to go to your online store and see it as your customers would. As a result, you may have no idea that some buttons are disabled, images are not shown properly, etc..

Tips on what to check: 

  • Visit your own website at least once a week. 

  • Make sure that product descriptions are up-to-date.

  • Look around, add products to cart, try and click through various shipping options.

If you see that at least one step of the purchase process is broken, investigate and fix it immediately. Disable Quick View Option and custom checkout pages if you see that they prevent the Meta pixel event from firing properly. Uninstall apps that generate multiple annoying pop-ups. Make sure that you don’t distract your customer from making a purchase.

5. Work on the customer feedback

Make sure that your customers are happy with your service and products. Facebook regularly analyses the reviews on your Facebook Page. Negative feedback drastically affects the campaign results: ads can cost you more, be shown less or even get disabled. If your customer feedback score is 1 out of 5 or less, you will not able to advertise using this Page anymore. 

Tips on improving reviews from customers:

  • Be clear about your products: give accurate descriptions and ad creatives (e.g. pictures and videos).

  • Provide precise shipping information.

  • Make sure to meet costumers’ demand and understand their needs.

Finally, don‘t be in your own way

Just like in any other business activity, in Facebook ads, there’s an option of trying too hard and doing too much. Make sure that you don’t have several retargeting campaigns (or use multiple retargeting apps) for one store running at the same time. If you do so, your ads will cost you more and deliver poorly.

If you have questions about improving campaign results, please message us using the green circle in the bottom right corner of the page. We are always happy to help!

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