In addition to a standard Retargeting campaign, Adwisely automatically enables Enhanced Cart Recovery tactic to bring more sales and re-engage more avid shoppers.Β 

Example of the Enhanced Cart Recovery ad shown in Facebook Desktop News Feed

Why Enhanced Cart Recovery?

A powerful addition to your Retargeting campaign, Enhanced Cart Recovery shows an additional 2x return on advertising spends (compared to standard retargeting) as the tactic re-engages people who are more likely to make a purchase.

Who will see ads?Β 

Enhanced Cart Recovery ads are shown to website visitors who added a product to cart but didn’t purchase it for up to 28 days or until the purchase is made.Β 

Just like with your standard Retargeting campaign, Enhanced Cart Recovery ads will initially appear on all the placements currently offered by Adwisely.

As your campaign progresses, all the ineffective placements will be automatically disabled.

What Ad message should I use?

Since the audience for this type of ad has previously expressed more profound interest in your product, the ad message should be more encouraging. Just like with any other campaign, be sure to follow the ad message creation guidelines.

  • You were just one step away from buying {{}}. Make this step now πŸ˜‰

  • It's never too late to treat yourself πŸ˜‰ Get your {{}} for only {{product.price}} today!

  • Do you know what's the best day to buy {{}}? Today! Come grab one...or two πŸ™‚

You can change ad message for Enhanced Cart Recovery on Adwisely dashboard.Β 

Please, do not apply changes directly in Ads Manager - we need to make sure your campaign works properly, and therefore have to be aware of all the changes made to it.

Do I need to set a separate budget for Enhanced Cart Recovery?

No. Enhanced Cart Recovery works within the budget you set for your standard Retargeting campaign with our app.Β 

It is, however, a good idea, to increase your current daily budget on the app dashboard to make sure it covers all of your potential audience. Artificially constraining your ads with a low budget will cause you to miss opportunities to get more sales.

Where do I view the Enhanced Cart Recovery results?

To view the results of the Enhanced Cart Recovery campaign, select it on Adwisely dashboard - you can find it under Retargeting.

Just like with other campaigns Adwisely runs for you, you can find all the detailed insights inside your Adwisely-powered ad account. All you need to do is go to your ad account and pick a proper ad set. This article will tell you more on how to make and export a comprehensive report on your campaign performance.

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