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Improve your campaign results
Learn about additional retargeting tactics
Learn about additional retargeting tactics
Discover enhanced cart recovery and collection ads - two powerful retargeting tactics that can help you sell more with the same daily budget
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After a thorough research, we updated our basic retargeting campaign to feature 2 new advertising tactics - both are aimed at improving your campaign results. In addition to regular retargeting, your campaign now features:

  • Enhanced Cart Recovery

Audience: website visitors who added a product to cart but didn’t purchase it within the past 28 days

Effect: Tests showed a 2x return on advertising spends compared to regular retargeting as the tactic re-engages more people who expressed strong interest in the product

Ad message: You were just one step away from buying {{}}. Make this step now 😉

Note: This ad message is also available in French and Hungarian. With any other languages, Adwisely uses the ad message you set up for your regular campaign.

  • Collection Ad

Audience: Same as retargeting, i.e. website visitors who viewed a product (and possibly added it to cart) but didn’t purchase it within the past 14 days

Note: This tactic works exclusively on Facebook Mobile Newsfeed.

Effect: Return on ad spend in this tactic is normally equal to/higher than the one from regular retargeting campaign. It’s an additional way to re-engage those customers who shop on mobile and prefer watching videos to scrolling through pictures

Ad message: Our best offers picked exclusively for you 🤩 Tap to Shop 😉

Note: This ad message is also available in French. With any other languages, Adwisely uses the ad message you set up for your regular campaign.

Do I need to invest additional costs?

No. Both auxiliary tactics work within the daily budget you set for your regular campaign. If there’s a need to increase your daily budget, your campaign manager will notify you.

How do I enable these tactics?

Both these tactics, along with regular retargeting, are already enabled for all users who have a daily budget of at least 20 USD/day or an equivalent in your local currency. They are paused when you pause your regular campaign from the app dashboard. The tactics are automatically optimized.

How do I make changes to additional campaigns?

In order to change ad message for either of the additional tactics, please, message us - we will gladly help you. 

Please, do not apply changes directly in Ads Manager - we need to make sure your campaign works properly, and therefore have to be aware of all the changes made to it.

Where can I find the additional campaign results?

Results of the two additional tactics are included into the total figures displayed on your Adwisely dashboard.

Just like with your regular campaign, you can find all the detailed insights inside your Adwisely-powered ad account. All you need to do is go to your ad account and pick a proper ad set. This article will tell you more on how to make and export a comprehensive report on your campaign performance.

Got questions or need help? Just click on the green circle in the bottom right corner of the page and message us!

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