Adwisely dashboard provides you with a number of key figures on your campaign performance which you can view by pre-set date ranges. However, if you need to view more detailed insights, you will need to go to your Business Manager.

In just 6 easy steps you can create a report that most closely fits your needs:

1. Choose the right Ad Account

Go to your Business Manager and pick the Ad Account Adwisely had previously created for you. Click on the account name and then choose "View Ad Account in Ads Manager"

2. Choose the necessary date range

In the top right corner of the page find a button with the date range. Click on it and select one of the preset date ranges or click on “Custom” one and choose the dates on the calendar on the right. Click “Update”

3. Choose the performance indicators

Find a drop-down list that says “Performance” on it. Click on it, then choose "Customize columns on the list that appears. You will now see a list of all the possible metrics you could view. Here you can:

  • Delete all the unnecessary metrics from the list on the right

  • Add all the metrics you want to see in your custom report

  • Arrange the metrics in the menu on the right by dragging boxes with them up and down.

  • Set a name for the custom report and save it for future.

4. Choose the breakdown(s)

The columns for your report are set. It’s now time to set the rows. Find a button that says “Breakdown” and click on it. You can now choose a breakdown by:

  • Product ID — to see, which products were shown in ads, got clicked on, added to cart or purchased.

  • Country — to see, which countries your ads are more successful in

  • Day — to see, how effective and profitable each of the days of the campaign was

  • Month — to compare the efficiency of your campaign from month to month

You can combine two different breakdowns from 2 different groups, i.e. set breakdowns by day and by product ID.

5. Sort the results

The size of the report you’ve made so far may overwhelm you with data. To get to the info you need, you may now need to sort your report. Sorting in Ads Manager is very easy — you just need to click on the top of the column you want to sort the report by — upon the first click, the numbers will be sorted from the biggest to the smallest ones, while the countries/product IDs will be sorted from A to Z.

Note: There are certain columns by which you cannot sort the data inside your report. If you need to sort the data by Purchase Conversion Value or Purchase, you'll need to export a copy of  the report (see #6) and sort the data in Excel or Numbers

6. Export the report

You don’t have to only work with your reports online — you can download them for future reference and comparison. To do this, you need to find “Export” button, click on it, apply the necessary settings and save it to your device. That’s it 😊

When checking the campaign stats, you should remember that they may differ from the reports you get in Google Analytics or any third-party data. This article will tell you why this may be happening. 

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